• Affordable perfumes just for you!

    02 January 2013

    Designer and celebrity perfumes are very much the latest trend currently in the fashion world. However these perfumes and fragrances can be very expensive to purchase and treat yourself regularly. Fortunately for all now everyone are able to buy cheap perfumes from Discount Perfumes UK.

    Discountperfumesuk.com has… Read More

  • Quick and simple steps for buying women perfumes

    06 June 2012


    If you're looking for perfect seductive fragrance then you have come to the right place here at Discount Perfumes UK.

    To attract and seduce the opposite sex it is not only enough to have a nice figure, the smell believe or not is a sense that strongly influences the attraction. That is why since ancient times perfumes have been an element used not only for women… Read More

  • The Importance of Men Perfumes!

    05 June 2012

    It is a common knowledge that smelling good adds up to your overall appearance. Scent is like a magnet that attracts women to swoon over a man. It can be a trigger to something more romantic and undeniably a turn on. Men perfumes can play a big role on impressing a girl. That's why you should not hesitate to spray a few of your favourite perfume before going out for a date. It will certainly add up to your appeal… Read More

  • Designer branded perfumes in the UK

    01 June 2012

    Many women view designer perfume as an essential, yet invisible accessory. It boosts your confidence and turns heads just like any designer accessory might. Picture yourself walking down the street in a flashy pair of red lacquered Christian Louboutins , holding your brand name juicy couture velour clutch- what's left to add but a few splashes of designer perfume? Just like the… Read More

  • Genuine Branded Top Quality Fragrances!

    14 March 2012

    Genuine Branded Top Quality Fragrances! 

    Here at discountperfumesuk.com you will find all the major brands, all the major celebrity perfumes and fragrances, you won,t have to go anywhere else.


  • Treat Somebody You Love!

    14 March 2012


    Treat somebody you love to a perfume that they will love for a long time. Good quality perfume is a gift that is always appreciated. You will love the scent on your partner and they will love the fact that you care about them so much that you bought a famous name scent for them. They always come in a fantastically attractive package, and the better… Read More



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