Britney Spears Curious Edp Spray With Atomiser (30ml)

Curious by Britney Spears represents all the young women out there that push boundaries and revel in adventure. This femininely floral and youthful arrangement represents daring women and their curiosity.This Curious fragrance is universal in its appeal and unique in its style and aura while being highly exciting. The midst of this fragrance is a feminine and sweet Louisiana magnolia that is a tribute to Britney's home state.Britney Spears Curious has a fruity plethora of white flowers such as jasmine tuberose and lotus blossom which spills forth with a juicy anjou pear accent. With a touch of vanilla musk and sandalwood it forms a sexy come-hither finish that is sure to dazzle.Free UK shipping with any Britney Spears purchase!


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