About Discount Perfumes UK

Discount Perfumes UK can help you to save money when you buy the latest and most loved fragrances from some of the top retailers in the UK. We look all day long for the best deals on scent for men and for women, so that you don't have to go to the trouble yourself. Every retailer we list is well known and has many years experience of selling perfumes on the high street and online. We only list their products if they sell great products at low prices and have an impeccable record in customer service.

When we find a product we first place it in one of our main categories. That makes it a little easier for you to find the fragrance you are looking for. Some of the categories have many entries, so we divide them down into sub-categories to make searching faster and easier. The main categories can be seen on the left of every page on Discount Perfumes UK, and they are also copied across the top of every page as a set of buttons. It is easy, therefore, to find your way to the home page or to one of the main category listing pages from anywhere in the site. If you hover over one of the main categories, you will see a list of the sub-categories pop up, and you can click on any of those to go straight to a narrower range of products. Alternatively, you can choose a main category and go to a page of products form that category. When you are on the category listing page, you will see that you can narrow down the list of products in a few different ways. You can choose to view products from a range of prices, and you can set that by typing in the lowest and highest prices you are interested in, or you can use the double ended slider control to change the price range. You can also select by retailer and by brand. You can also create your own page, by entering terms in the search box and clicking to search. You will see a page consisting of all products which match the words you entered, so naturally you have to be a little careful what you type in. Using words like perfume, for instance, is almost certain to give you a list of nearly everything on the site.

All perfumes have a title and a price, and they all have a small photograph to help you to decide. Below each photo is a link to a details page where you can see a full text description. To buy, just click on the link or photo and you will be taken to the product listing page of one of our carefully chosen retailers.

We hope you enjoyed your time on Discount Perfumes UK and that you found exactly what you were looking for. Please come back again soon.



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